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About Peim

Born in 1986 in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Grew up on a bio-dynamic farm in South America. He came back from Argentina at the age of 16 and finished his high school at the Waldorf school in Zutphen.
In 2010 he graduated as graphic designer at the School of the Arts in Utrecht. Since then he started to work together with Hidde Meulenbeek under the name Studio Zijspan for different clients and initiated their own projects. Besides traditional graphic design they where always looking for interesting niches between visual arts, design, performance, installation and film.
Deimion also works has a teacher in graphic design and film. He taught at the Modern International Arts and Design Academy in China, and organized together with Wijkwinkel Collective the monthly cinema event Cinemaandag at Kapitaal in Utrecht.
Since 2015 he decided to develop his autonomous projects under the nickname ‘Peim’. He works with a wide range of techniques and has produced a surprising amount of pieces since he started. Peim tries to make art accessible, he wants to address the viewers directly. Through strong ‘chiaroscuro’, vibrating colors, moiré patterns and compositions that seem to move while watching he draws your attention. By ‘tricking’ the visual perception of the viewer, he actually makes you question your own perception. What you see at first might not necessarily be the reality.
His collaborative and autonomous work has been exhibited in different galeries around the world, including Kunsthal op Lowlands (NL) Kapitaal (NL), Tanec Praha (CZ), Amsterdams Grafisch Atelier (NL), Musiques Démesurées Festival (FR), Ship of Fools (NL), Alfred ve dvore (CZ), Modern International Arts and Design Academy (CH).